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Aloha, audience! Guess who's back? This person! *clears throat* Sorry for the absence. Truth be told, I was a bit busy with life to really be on the website (and to be honest, I thought that no one would read my other journal entries...Thanks guys!), but since I have returned, I shall do what I had promised to do a year ago...rant about Brother's Conflict.

Note: My memory of this anime is a bit fuzzy, since it has been a while since I saw it, so if I make any mistakes, please notify me so I can correct it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this rant is of my own personal opinion. There may be potential spoilers in this rant. Thank you once again for reading!

Looking back on this show, I realized that I found problems with not (surprisingly) the nature of the series (the fact that the main character and the reverse harem are related by marriage), but more so towards the attitudes of some of the characters towards the main girl (I believe her name was Emma). Let me clear this up for those who are a bit confused of the morality of what this show may contain: Yes, this anime has incest. Why? Simple: Emma and the reverse harem in question are related by marriage (of Emma's father and the RH's mother...the mother must have an amazing reproductive system and a lot of stamina).
Surprisingly, though, not all of the step-brothers want to pursue a romantic relationship with Emma (although it is possible in the game it was based off of), and Emma herself doesn't want to pursue a romantic relationship with any of them. She constantly tries to push them away and just wants to get along as a FAMILY, which is a pretty sane thing to do.

I actually like Emma, surprisingly, since she is a (sorta) Mary Sue. The problem is that she had a potential to be an awesome character, but because of "reverse harem genre," she falls a bit flat and is made into a target of certain brothers' advances. I don't remember much about her academic or athletic life, but she talks to a squirrel and wears pink, so she does fit the Mary Sue bill, but has a potential to not be one if they expanded on her backstory a bit more, along with her character.

If I were to write a critique about the attitudes of all thirteen (I believe that the RH count) brothers, then I would have around two research papers involving the psychology of anime brothers of any age towards a teenage step-sister (Yes...I am being very specific of my research). So, I guess I will focus more or less on the ones that seem to bother me the most...which might take up some time. I may (or may not) have a chance to actually do a personal opinion based description of every character on the show, but I'll attempt to do so.

I guess what bothered me the most in the anime would have to be the attitudes of the pop star brother (the one who acts like an ass), and the  one with the white hair. Don't get me wrong, I found the thought of shipping anyone here as disturbing, like the basketball dude and the classmate red-haired guy, but I guess that because they realize that it's WRONG to really flirt with Emma, I give them kudos for sanity.

I really hate the pop-star; he's a jerk and I recall him actually forcing himself onto Emma at one point! What the hell, man! That is a very disturbing thing to picture and it makes me really want to kill the bastard. I had a strong dislike of this brother and was constantly annoyed whenever he showed up. 

As for White-hair and Glasses, I guess I should the anime do the talking (if you have seen it), since the "love triangle" is pretty much a competition "of love"... I think. "White-hair" was a really possessive man, as I recall, judging by the way he legit assaults Emma throughout the series. I don't know why people ship them, since there is so many things wrong with that picture. 

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading this rant! I would very much appreciate your responses and if you guys have anything you want me to rant about, comment it below as well. Thanks once again and you guys are awesome!  

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